The Patek Twenty-4

On the surface, it may seem like the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 is a world away from the roaring Brazil of 1920s and 30s. However, the Twenty-4 and the fabulously famous Gondolo Gang were forever linked when the Twenty-4 drew inspiration from the 1993 Patek Philippe Gondolo wristwatch model, that had been so popular in Brazil.

With such clear links to the past, it’s no surprise that the Twenty-4 takes design inspiration from the Art Deco period. The Art Deco era took its name from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels which was held in Paris in 1925. Bringing together modernist styles with craftsmanship and oppulent materials, Art Deco represented a luxurious and glamourous lifestyle, bursting with exuberance and a new hope in technology.

Art Deco draws on many different concepts – the geometric forms of Cubism, the bright colours of Fauvism, updated ideas based on the eras of Louis Philippe and Louis XVI and the exotic styles of China, Japan, India, Persia and ancient Egypt. The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building are both examples of the Art Deco style, while the Strand Hotel and the Shell Building, near London Waterloo are stunning London examples.

The Art Deco Story is critical to the Twenty-4 as its influence is so clearly evident with in both the design and the materials used in the watches’ production. With a very defined and geometric oblong design, the face of the watch is shouldered by a functional casement. However, where the Patek Philippe truly excels is the dramatic way in which the watchmaker softens the Twenty-4 into a piece of sublime beauty – on two very different levels…

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 uses elegant beauty of diamonds to offset any Cubist influence and leave the wearer with a stunning wristwatch that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions but is comfortable and practical enough to be worn around the clock. Launched in 1999, the Twenty-4 features a diamond set face and also comes in a range of metals, including cool steel, 18ct gold in both rose and white.

Not content with developing a gorgeous line of watches, Patek Philippe introduced a range of jewellery to complement Twenty-4 wristwatches to ensure that you can change up your watch and jewellery to match the occasion.

The Twenty-4 range has a matching set of rings and diamond set earrings that add a touch of emphasis to any outfit.

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