Jewellery Pawnbroking Loans

Hopkins & Jones can provide fast cash loans against your Jewellery.

Our expert valuers are able to assess your jewellery as jewellery, not just weights and measures, incorporating a vast array of appraising factors, in order for us to lend you the optimum amount against your treasured items.

  • Diamonds are assessed by the fundamental 4 C’s, Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.
  • To achieve the highest potential value for your diamonds we welcome the 5th C, Certificate.
  • Laboratory Certificates from GIA, HRD,Anchorcert and IGI are all recognised by us to help maximise the value of your diamonds.
  • For Gemstones, certificates from GIA and Gubelin amongst others can significantly increase our Loan value.
  • From Cartier to Kutchinsky, Boodles to Boucheron, if your jewellery is signed, the additional re-sale value is reflected in our Loan valuation.

Please see below some examples of previous Jewellery loans from Hopkins & Jones

Amethyst and diamond set brooch - £3500

£3,500 loan

Amethyst and diamond set brooch.

Aquamarine and Diamond brooch - £4000

£4,000 loan

Aquamarine and Diamond brooch.

Brilliant cut three row diamond hoop earrings set in 18 carot white gold - £5,000

£5,000 loan

Brilliant cut three row diamond hoop earrings set in 18 carot white gold.

Diamond Bracelet - £25,000

£25,000 loan

Diamond Bracelet.

Emerald cut diamond set ring - £8000

£8,000 loan

Emerald cut diamond set ring.

Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring - £1500

£1,500 loan

Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring.

Solitaire Diamond Set Ring - £30,000

£30,000 loan

Solitaire Diamond Set Ring.

Three stone diamond ring set in platinum - £7,500

£7,500 loan

Three stone diamond ring set in platinum.

To find out more about how we can help you raise a fast cash loan secured against your diamond, ruby, sapphire, or other gem set jewellery please contact us.

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Hopkins & Jones Ltd is a trade member of The NPA (The National Pawnbrokers Association). Hopkins and Jones Limited, Company registration Number 433606. Registered Office, 7 William IV Street, London, WC2N 4DW. Hopkins and Jones Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority licence No 6520002 for the provision of pawnbroking loans.
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