Patek Philippe Pawnbroking Watch Loans

Hopkins and Jones lend against all Patek Philippe watches including Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut, Gondola, Twenty-4 and Complication models. Please see below some examples of previous loans.

  • Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Model: White Gold Nautilus

  • Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Model: Calatrava

  • Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Model: Nautilus

Why pawn your Patek Philippe with Hopkins & Jones?

  • You have immediate access to funds without the need to sell your Patek Philippe watch.
  • Our expert pawnbroking staff ensure you are offered the maximum possible loan value against your Patek Philippe watch.
  • The loan is secured against your Patek Philippe watch which remains your property.
  • You can arrange for a home visit by our discreet, expert valuers if you are unable to visit our store in London.

To find out how low your repayments may be, try our free loan calculator. Or get a free quote via form or phone: 0207 379 7080


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