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Making Christmas happen can put even the best financial planner under strain. Even if you can remain untouched by the twinkle of the fairy lights or found yourself unwrapping another hat and glove set, the chances are that put all your energy and effort into making it a year to remember.

Christmas is not cheap, even if you work hard to keep within your budget. With no extra income, seeing December through from start to finish is an expensive business. Christmas cards (and the stamps!), work functions, visiting friends and relatives or even going home can all add up – and that’s without taking presents into consideration.

You can probably also count on something in your world letting you down – the fridge freezer, your car – and its also time to renew season tickets, which are costing more and more each time.

Almost everyone feels the pinch in January, but it has two things going for it…

  • January pay day will come, so you’ll most likely need a short-term solution
  • A fixed term loan is quick and secure

Pawn broking is the reliable and judgement-free solution to your Blue Monday problems. At Hopkins and Jones, a pawnbroker in London, we take the time to sit with you and explain what your options are so that you can better understand how to deal with the January bills.

Pawnbroking has existed for centuries and offers an option to the sky-high rates offered by payday loans.

Hopkins & Jones’ pawnshop is located in the heart of London, just off Trafalgar Square. With a gorgeous frontage, Hopkins & Jones is also a high-end jeweller that takes care of watch repair for watches of great value, including Rolex.

With experts on hand to talk you through the pawnbroking process, you will be able to transform gold jewellery, watches and rings into fixed term loans that you will be able to collect at the satisfactory end of your loan term.

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On January 16, 2018

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