Silver Patek Philippe Nautilus watch with 42mm case and silver bezzels


  • Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Model: Nautilus

Owing its design to the late, great Gerald Genta, by whom it is rumoured sketched the design on a napkin, Patek Philippe introduced the Nautilus ref: 3700/1 in 1976.
A model dramatically different from any other Pateks available at the time, the prestigious company’s first attempt at a sports model received much attention and much acclaim. Patek Philippe had managed to find the balance between sport and elegance perfectly.

One of the thinnest sports model ever produced up to this time, thanks to its ultra thin JLC calibrate 920 movement, the new Nautilus was at the same time a very large watch for the time with a case diameter of 42mm, resulting in a nickname you will still hear today. “The Jumbo”.

The Nautilus model remained of simple design until 1998, when the first model offering more than a date complication was introduced.(ref: 3710) Although only the addition of a winding indicator was not particularly exciting, it paved the way for the introduction of the ref: 3712 in 2005. A triple complication movement including power reserve and moon phase. The 3712 took the Nautilus range to a whole new level, including the introduction of the first chronograph introduced just a year later in 2006.

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