Patek Philippe Watch with gold bezels


  • Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Model: Calatrava

Launched in 1932 and arguably the most recognisable,  Patek Philippe’s signature collection of watches is the Calatrava family. The elegant and understated models in this longstanding production directly reflect the sophistication and style of the Patek Philippe brand. The inspiration for the collection was the German rooted ‘Bauhaus Art Movement’ which originated in the 1900’s, Bauhaus translating as ‘School of Building’.

The consistent styling of the Calatrava model throughout the past 85 years, although continuing to advance on its own design, manages to transcend modern trends, refusing to let contemporary watch designs effect its classic appearance. Varying between time only versions, such as the Calatrava such as the 5196, some versions feature a date function such as the 5127 range.

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