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As central London pawnbrokers, Hopkins & Jones take their responsibility for the secured loans service that they offer very seriously. As members of the National Pawnbroking Association and bound by the Financial Conduct Authority, Hopkins and Jones work ceaselessly to ensure that they have a clear picture of financial conditions within the UK at any given time.

Hopkins & Jones, therefore, welcome the findings of a recent FCA research project that has investigated the financial lives of UK adults. The team at Hopkins & Jones look to the outcomes of the research to better understand their responsibilities in terms of their duty of care to their customers.

While looking at a sample of 13,000 UK consumers, aged 18 and over, the report identified that 50% of consumers displayed one or more characteristics that signal their potential vulnerability. The sample covered six age group segments, spanning 18 to over 65, and allows Hopkins & Jones to be aware of how they can be best placed to support their clients.

The report states that the vast majority of vulnerable people within the report (77%) are without bank accounts and/or are unemployed, with women in a slightly more vulnerable position than men.

Hopkins & Jones are clear in the service that they fulfil and they occupy the top end of the high value market, with secured loans offered on high value items, including classic watches, objets d’art and vintage cars. Nevertheless, the team at Hopkins & Jones appreciate the new data from the FCA and will benefit from the data as they continue to adhere FCA rulings, but also appreciate the insight that it offers as a responsible financial entity.


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On January 4, 2018

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Hopkins & Jones Ltd is a trade member of The NPA (The National Pawnbrokers Association). Hopkins and Jones Limited, Company registration Number 433606. Registered Office, 7 William IV Street, London, WC2N 4DW. Hopkins and Jones Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority licence No 6520002 for the provision of pawnbroking loans.
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