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When you buy a luxury watch, like the Rolex GMT- Master you know you are getting a precision timepiece which has been bought knowing that it is fit for the purpose for which it has been designed. In the case of the GMT, designed for its professional purpose, with its ability to display different time zones.

Recently i spoke to a good friend who asked if there was an easy way to tell if the Rolex was indeed the real deal, here are our three tips or five minute check.

Box and Papers:

When the pawnbroker is authenticating the Rolex watch, they will be look for “clues”.  Other than the obvious method of looking at the watch itself, the pawnbroker will also be looking at the associated items and whether they are contemporary to the Rolex watch. So is the box the correct style for the watch, does the guarantee number on the papers match the number that has been engraved on the watch. All of the Rolex watches would have had an information booklet, which if present would give the pawnbroker another piece of the jigsaw.

When buying a vintage Rolex the “Box and papers” are useful because they help the buyer know it is the real deal. A watch made in 1960 will not have a valid warranty but the card, will still have the serial number.

Reliable dealer:

Another way to ensure it is real is to buy from someone with a fixed shop. A london pawn broker like Hopkins and Jones are experts in Rolex watches and they also know once they sell something they need to stand by it, as the customer can easily return. Web sites like ebay should be avoided for items like this as while you may believe the item to be real there is no way to ensure ownership.

Weight and Quality:

The best way to think of a Rolex is the best watch they can make. Each model is made of Patented Oyster steel or a gold/platinum alloy they have also patented. The movement is made by a master, and every detail down to the engraving must be perfect for it to be sold. A great way to spot a fake is weight. All Rolex will be the same weight, and this is a great way to spot a counterfeit bracelet. A true Rolex submariner should weight 155 grams.

If you have a Rolex and you want to get a fast cash loan from a london pawnbroker, then get in touch. We are the experts in luxury time-pieces and can guide you into this exciting world.





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On February 24, 2020


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