The Rolex Card

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The Rolex Card

A useful clue for the Pawnbroker and a comment on popular culture.

Times have changed for us all and for the Rolex watch, you would fully expect the styles of watches to change, for new models to be introduced and old ranges to be discontinued. You would expect the functionality of the Rolex watch to be changed updated and improved.

When you buy a luxury watch, like the Rolex GMT- Master you know you are getting a precision timepiece which has been bought knowing that it is fit for the purpose for which it has been designed. In the case of the GMT, designed for its professional purpose, with its ability to display different time zones.

The Rolex Card

When the pawnbroker is authenticating the Rolex watch, they will be look for “clues”.  Other than the obvious method of looking at the watch itself, the pawnbroker will also be looking at the associated items and whether they are contemporary to the Rolex watch. So is the box the correct style for the watch, does the guarantee number on the papers match the number that has been engraved on the watch. All of the Rolex watches would have had an information booklet, which if present would give the pawnbroker another piece of the jigsaw.

All this brings us to something we at Hopkins and Jones, while completing an authentication process for a loan against a 1960’s Rolex watch, had not noticed before. Let us draw your attention to the last line on the Rolex information card which states the following; “Use box for cigarettes after removing this card and watch-support”

So, in the 1950’s/1960’s, the marketing department at Rolex considered that the fact their watch box could be used for the duel purpose of keeping the GMT Master safe and as a cigarette box to be a use worthy of mention. We can only assume that this came about after many discussions and that maybe even the dimensions of the box itself were altered to accommodate an average sized cigarette of the day. Imagine if the same suggestion came up in the board room today?

How times have changed

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On October 3, 2016

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