Pawnbrokers Share Experiences

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The issues that the pawnbroking industry has in offering their services to their clients has common areas, whether it is a central London based pawnbroking store such as Hopkins and Jones, a national chain or indeed an international group with businesses in more than one country. The following excerpt from the Professional Jeweller shows that the professional bodies representing pawnbrokers are continuing to to share their experiences.


UK pawnbroking CEO Ray Perry to meet with National Pawnbrokers Association in Washington

April 25, 2016

The UK National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA-UK) chief executive, Ray Perry, will be in Washington DC tomorrow (26 April) to hold talks with the National Pawnbrokers Association from the United States (NPA-US). 

Perry will be in the American capital to discuss issues of common interest to pawnbrokers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Perry comments: “I am delighted to have been invited to the United States to meet Dana Meinecke, executive director, NPA-US, and American pawnbrokers in Washington, DC.


“My visit to the United States follows the successful visit to the NPA-UK  London office by the NPA-US past president, Ben Levinson and his wife, Susan. Ben and Susan also had the chance to look round the Suttons and Robertson’s store in the City of London.

“In a global world where international regulations impact upon the day-to-day work of British and American pawnbrokers, it makes sense that our two organisations maintain strong links so that we can discuss issues of common interest – from attracting new customers to ensuring a strong consumer credit market flourishes on both sides of the Atlantic. It is good that we can share best practices and consider the challenges and opportunities facing the industry moving forward.”

Dana Meinecke, executive director, NPA-US, added: “We are happy to have this opportunity to share our experiences with the NPA-UK. Through our communications, we are able to connect pawnbrokers on an international level and to advance the pawnbroking profession”.

Source- Professional Jeweller






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