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In terms of Rolex watches, few models divide a crowd as much as the Submariner sporting a vibrant green overcoat. Some people love it, others less sure, however what cannot be disputed is that the Rolex Submariners green brothers are already iconic members of the Rolex family, they also have added value to a fast moving resale market.

“Kermit The Frog” or “Froggy”

First released in 2003 the Rolex Submariner 16610LV was a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the Submariner model in 1953. Now some people say that LV is the Roman Numerals, but this is incorrect, LV are the numerals for “55”, “LV” on this stands for “lunette Vert” or “Green Bezel”

Dis-continued in 2010, after a very small production period of seven years, relative to normal Rolex manufacturing,  the “Kermit” is already seen as a modern day collectable Predominantly identical to the standard Submariner 16610, the most notable difference of the LV was its frog green bezel. A colour which quickly gave the model the nickname of “Froggy” or “Kermit” after the much loved muppet. Although green is a colour closely associated to Rolex for many years, being used on boxes and signage, it was seen as a bold move to use it on the stainless steel Submariner, a model mostly unchanged for half a century. Also used on the anniversary model was the signature Maxi Dial, used on the Submariner in the late 70’s and early 80’s, which features larger and more prominent hour markers.


“The Hulk”

Released in Basel in 2010 and replacing the dis-continued “Kermit”, Rolex released the 116610LV.

Now with a contemporary cerachrom bezel, the successor to the original LV now boasted a new colour scheme, with a green dial to accompany the green bezel, a change from the contrasting Black dial and green bezel of it predecessor. The new dial , referred to by Rolex as “green gold”, has a sunburst grain pattern, which transforms in sunlight appearing to change shades of green depending on the angle it is seen from.

An increased case dimension, first seen in 2008 on the 18ct white gold Submariner, had the watch sporting a more bulky feel, and along with an incredible transforming  green appearance, “The Hulk” had arrived. Both LV Submariner models are highly sought after, and both variations continue to escalate in value.

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On February 24, 2020

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